error in bsp branch

I’m getting errors when I try to render a scene lit with a spot with buffer shadows enabled:

error in bsp branch
error in filling bsp

I’ve googled the phrase “error in bsp branch” and have only found two hits (!), both referring to shadbuf.c, part of the source code for Blender. I couldn’t find the version of this for Blender 2.48 which I’m using, but the prior version (2.46) has the following code which I’m guessing is still in place for the version I’m using:

01171       if(bspn->totsamp==BSPMAX_SAMPLE) {
01172             printf("error in bsp branch
");    /* only for debug, cannot happen */
01173             return 1;
01174       }

This is amusing since my error apparently “cannot happen.” Can anyone shed light on this or tell me what I’m doing wrong to get these errors?

(I wasn’t sure where to post this. Please pardon me if it’s in the wrong place.)

maybe someone in the python and plugins forum would know.

I’m trying to imagine what I did to run into this. Given that no one else seems to have run into this error, I must have done something unusual in my modeling or lighting but I can’t imagine what that is.

Interesting. I resolved this problem by adjusting the spot lamp.

I have the falloff set at “constant” since I’m using it sort of as a sun lamp, and I had opened up the spotlight angle (SpotSi) really wide and had set the SpotBl to 0. I don’t know what I did, but adjusting these values and the HaloInt made the problem go away.

So, I haven’t learned anything, but if someone else runs into this as well, there will be a record of what they might try.