error in mirroring rig

so i built the left half of the rig, and mirrored it to the right side, but the finger bones seem to be backwards. everything else is fine i think, but i dont know where i went wrong with the fingers. .blend attached, someone please take a look! thanks


character7.blend (527 KB)

your bones aren’t named correctly

they need to end with .L or .R

you have them named like “”

the .l needs to be at the end of the name

well, yes i should have fixed that before uploading, but it’s not causing the problem. i am re-attaching the file with proper names.
thanks for the response anyway


character7.blend (526 KB)

if you are wondering why your fingers are bending all over the place it’s because they are weight painted incorrectly

the weights don’t match the finger pieces they are meant to control

but you armature seems fine (mirror wise)
if you pose one side and the mirror the pose - it works
it’s you weighting that is incorrect

any idea why that might be, considering i havent done any weight painting?

You do have weight painting/vertex groups assigned to your mesh .

It looks like during the parenting process you must have chosen bone heat to add vertex groups/weights to the mesh and It looks like when you mirrored the armature and/or fixed the naming issues later the weights somehow got screwed up .

The easiest way to fix this is to delete the half of the mesh with the problem and then to add a mirror modifier to the mesh . Just make sure to move the mirror modifier to the top of the modifier stack above the armature modifier stack so that the mesh moves as expected when posed even when you cross the mirror axis . You can apply the modifier if you want, but it isn’t necessary and you can continue editing the mesh if desired .

There was(is?) a script to copy weights to left/right sides of a mesh in the 2.4X series, but since I never used it and since i don’t know where it is or if it still works with 2.5X series, I can’t be of much help with that . You could try and do a search for that option if you are interested .

Also you might want to parent the IK target bones in your rig to a bone beyond the IK chain length to make them move with the mesh when bones in the body are posed like I have done in the attached blend . I just parented the arm IK targets to the the chest bone and left the legs alone .


character7FIX.blend (582 KB)

thanks for the tips, i took your advice on deleting half the mesh and also parenting the IK target bones, and i was able to fix the bone roll by selecting all bones and recalculating on the y axis