Error in particle material

Hi everyone. I followed a simple particle tutorial from online and wanted particles to get more pink the longer their lifecycle is. I followed exactly the node system but the particles are not getting pink at all. Any idea why?

Less information, but I guess.
If you are rendering particles as halos, you must use kind of a domain object around your halos and use the point density texture to render the particle system within this domain object.
If you are rendering particles as objects you should set the object’s material as above and not the particle emitter’s material.

Hi Nobi.
I rendered them as an object not a halo. The nodes above are set up for a particle object not emitter. That bigger blue sphere on the right side is a particle object. That is why I am confused because I did everything according to the tutorial but the pink is still not working. Any other things I should check for?
Thanks a ton for your help! :wink:

Cycles renderer? Could you share your blend file? Would help a lot instead of guessing. :wink:

Hi Nobi. I will be more than happy to share the file. Since I am a beginner I don’t yet know how much and what information is enough to share. Here is the link to the file: