Error in the console using bge.texture

Hi, I’m learning more about python api of blender, and i`m get a error in the console with a very simple script.

File:untitled.blend (156 KB)

Sounds like the object doesn’t have a material (the bge.texture module will tend to use a texture slot in your object’s material to apply the texture).

If you do have a material, then I’m not sure as I’m not well versed in this module.

The object have a material.

Can we see the code, because looking at the error again suggests that it might be trying to find a material that doesn’t exist (or that ‘string’ might be the wrong type of variable)?

The firts post have a link(was always there).

On my phone and can’t look at the blend but I think this will help

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The error is very specific. But I know it is very easy to miss the point.

As it is telling you that it can’t find a material with the given name -> verify that the name you tell the code is what the API expects.
A good way to verify this is to write some code that prints out the material names of the according object. Then you will if your material name fits one of them.

Hint: Materials names have a prefix!

Ok, thanks evervody.

For those who never see the script, i only used the materialID(and import the modules), i learned is necessary need to write in thestring “MA” before the name of the material…

ID = texture.materialID(own, “Material”)
ID = texture.materialID(own, “MAMaterial”)

…sorry english :smiley:

This used to be the naming convention in the api for all materials, meshes, and objects back in the 2.4 days. Just out of curiosity, anyone know why this convention hasn’t been made more consistent with the rest of the current api?

Maybe because you can specify an image or a material with the same string? So, to clarify, it uses the first two letters to identify what you’re talking about. It could just use another variable, or another function entirely (i.e. materialID and textureID).

It is mentioned in the docs ;).

Perhaps this could be reviewed in the future to take straight UV channel indices (i.e. 0 for the first channel, 1 for the second, etc.). It’s kind of awkward to identify a texture by its name, rather than the channel, since that makes the script unique to a specific object / material, and more difficult to re-use. At least, that’s my feelings of it.

EDIT: Maybe you would provide a material name (without the MA prefix), and if you wanted, a texture slot index?

I don’t know, is everyone else okay with it the way it is? The texture module API kinda feels weird and a bit odd to use to me. I don’t use it too often, though, so maybe that’s why.

EDIT 2: I guess it’s because the docs aren’t really that thorough, and they’re kinda vague (the 2.6 ones don’t mention materialID is optional for the Texture() function, I don’t think). Maybe that’s my issue, mainly.

texture.materialID() translates the material/Texture name to the material Id which is a number. I’m sure you can simply guess a number :wink: