Error Initializing Audio Stream : When rendering

I have put together a video using VSE, and it plays quite well in the in preview mode. However as soon as I start to render it, after a couple of seconds a little warning message appears in the top right saying “Error Initializing Audio Stream”. And rendering stops.

I have no idea how to find out what is wrong and fix it. Can someone give me some clues.


Using Blender 2.56 - 32bit under Linux.

What IS working? I am trying to output audio as mp3 and video as h264 all in an mp4 container.

I couldn’t see any hard information in the thread you reference.

I ran blender from the console. You can see it start up ffmpeg, but then tells it to shut down again. There is no error message from ffmpeg. Where will any log message be - how can I get more information from blender as to what it doesn’t like?

I seem to have got it working (at least the render has started and I am past the first frames) by choosing PCM as an audio codec. I guess I can always post process to get it to something else.