Error "Keying set failed to insert any keyframes"

Hi All,

While animating a rigged character I’m getting the error message- “Keying set failed to insert any keyframes”, I know there has been multiple topics opened in the past, but I did take a look into some of them, and as per them some said- Not to set any “Active Keying Set” and some said Not have a lock under any armature bone under the Dope Sheet, and also to restart blender.

I’ve tried them all but still face the same issue, can somebody please guide me through/ or to any forum which has a solution to this error message

Also, i just noticed a typical issue where I’m able to insert a key frame on or before frame 134 and nothing after, I have literally no clue.

Thanks, have a great day!

If you could post the .blend file and say what version of Blender you use, it would be helpful.

Hi @nancycat

Here’s the zip having the blend file. Let me know your thoughts
Thank You. (1.3 MB)

Okay - to start keying : Open the Nonlinear Animation (NLA) view. You should see an entry for Armature, Animation. In your file there’s a pin. Click on the pin to remove it. You should be able to key again.

On another note - your armature is in pieces and not all of your mesh seems to be parented to the mesh. Is there a reason?

Hi @nancycat,

Thank you so much its working perfectly I’ve been struggling for some days now, wasn’t aware of the use of NonLinear Animation (NLA), now I think I need to know more about it.

And regarding the pieces not parented to the mesh, I tried joining them but i could see the overall counts of vertices,edges,… increased by a huge number and thus it created some kind of a lag. I couldn’t find a way around, so I thought leaving it to the way it is and locking axis of all the location,rotation,scaling.
On a better thought, do you have any suggestion i can implement, i’m still learning all these stuffs


Blender is a big program with lots of “moving parts”. Be prepared to spend some time learning all the pieces. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your animation runs so smoothly, I’d hate to make a lot of changes but, to speed things up a bit: apply all the mirrors on the mesh and move the armature to the top of the list of constraints. Definitely, Armature should be above Subsurface Division.

Thanks a lot, I’ll definitely get the above points done, wish I could show my piece every time since I’m all learning on my own, at times it becomes hard to scrutinize.

But appreciate the help!