error loding blender publisher 2.25 in linux


I have Blender creator 2.23 on my Red hat 7.3 and it run ok (would be
better if i could figuer out how to get g-force4 drivers working), I
downloaded the publisher 2.25 and i get a error “unable to open blender
window” any help or ( you are a dumb *&& this is what is wrong ) would
be greatfully apcreciated.

Try opening Blender from the command line in a terminal window, then post the error messages that appear in the terminal window.

That is the error i get when i try to load it from a terminal window (sorry not not saying that

I don’t know what changed between 2.23 and 2.25 on linux, but I think there was something to do with how the opengl was rendered in real time. When I used 2.23 the games were slow (they were being software rendered). But when I went to 2.25 they got fast (they were hardware accelerated now). So maybe if you don’t have your hardware accel set up right it might not work. try running “glxinfo | grep direct” and make sure it says yes. Sorry I could not be more helpful.

ok well i tryed that and i got “error couldn’t find RGB GLX visual” ??? Yes i am some what new to linux to.

Try going here for the drivers for your g-force4. They do a fairly good job at explaining what to do, DO NOT try to take short cuts with what they tell you … they say it for a reason
(This is experience talking) :stuck_out_tongue:

hope this helps … Good luck