Error message scrolled off console window

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I have an error in my python script and it says to view the console. However, the console is full of messages like:

Dependency cycle detected:
  Keith.WrsHook.R depends on Keith.WrsLat.R through Lattice Parent.
  Keith.WrsLat.R depends on Keith.WrsHook.R through Hook Modifier.

When I scroll all the way up the window I continue to get these messages. Since the error from my python script is scrolled off the window, I can’t see what the error is. Is there a way to get the error message another way, or to turn off dependency warnings?

(4096) #2

I found a solution searching the Internet. I dragged the Blender icon on the desktop into a command window (I am using Windows 8.1), then I can use the > symbol to redirect output to a file, so that only error messages are printed in the command window. I tried using 2> to redirect error messages to a file but that didn’t work, but it’s good enough that I can filter out other messages.