ERROR: no (correct) camera [solved]

Hi all,

whenever I try to start my interactive simulation (PKEY within 3D view), the following error message pops up:

ERROR: no (correct) camera

Actually, I do have at least one camera in my scene and did define it as the active one by pressing CTRL+0 after having it selected. Do I have to add any Logic bricks to have it function properly? Or what have I done wrong?

Thanks for your help,

z-buffer, Had me for years, that one. I think theeth finaly posted the solution some time back, but whats happening is you must have another sceen that dosent have a camera. Go to the header bar and delete any unneeded sceens, or create a camera in that sceen.
Hope thats right,


Thanks a lot, Bogey. That was exactly the point I had been missing. I had a second scene without a camera. I created a new camera in that scene and the error message is gone. :slight_smile: