Error: No objects or images found to bake to

Okay, this is driving me nuts. As some of you may know, I have been working on a low poly truck. I am now working on trying to bake the AO to the body and door. The body and the door are 2 separate objects, both having the same multiple UV maps. I was able to bake the AO for the body, but I am not able to do the same for the door. Every time I try baking the door, I get an error saying that there were no objects or images found to bake. I followed all the procedures that are necessary, just as I did with the body. I made a new blank 1024x1024 image, made sure that all of the UV’s are assigned to that image, made sure that there is at least one material and one texture slot, made sure I am in the correct render layer, and that the object that I want to bake is selected. Honestly, I did not do anything thing different compared to the body. I would attach my blend file, but for some reason, this forum keeps spitting out an error when I try to upload the file to my managed attachments. I will try back after I get some feedback from BlenderArtist, finding out why I cannot attach blender files.

I had the same problem a while ago. I’m not sure where is the problem in your file, but for my case, it was because I was using a mask modifier. After I remove the modifier and delete the vertex group, I can bake normally.
Is there any vertex group on your mesh?

Check that your object doesn’t have its render visibility turned off.

And if all renderability is in place? UV’s too? The newly created image is just being ignored.

Is it Cycles render or BI? You will get this message if you have 2 or more Materials applied to an object.

So, say for instance your object has 2 materials for the door, one for most of the door and one for a transparent window. Or one shiny one for the carpaint on the outside and one for interior inside. That means it is necessary to have 1 image nodes per material for Cycles. So in this case you’d have to introduce an image node for the interior and exterior materials.

No idea about BI. I don’t do a lot of baking.