error on importing

i have been using blender to create meshes for sims2, i did succesfully create a new object. But now i get an error on importing wavefront (.obj) files.
i can import succesfully a newly extracted mesh from the sims2 game edit it then export it but then when i try to import again from the same file i just get the error, even if i try to import a backup of the original mesh that hasnt been edited in blender.
can someone please tell me whats happening


i get an error …can someone please tell me whats happening

Not to pick on mike19, since this puzzling behaviour is all too common, BUT there is almost nothing anyone can do to diagnose a problem unless you tell us what the error message is.

The first question anyone is going to ask is “what does the error message say?” Pasting the exact error text is always good. You may not understand the message, but the programmer who wrote it does.

Save some time, include it with your question.

theres no real error message just whats in the screenshot;


You need to LMB on the file name, as it stands in your picture, the second input box is showing “*.obj” (i.e. no file has been selected yet).


now i feel so dumb
it was just a diference between laft and right mouse buttons.

thanks for your help.

sometimes the obvious is just sitting there to smack you in the face