error separating vertices. bug?

I try to separate a group of vertices with the p-key in edit mode, but I get the error message: can´t separate with vertex keys!
But there are no links whatsoever in the object view, just my Object block and a mesh block. I used to have this object animated, but I deleted everything. Just the naked object even without material left. Is this a bug? Or what am I missing?

by vertex keys, i think it is referring to RVKs ( now referred to as shapes ) which are automatically assigned IPO keys on creation, and any time they are adjusted. you may have to delete these shapes before you can seperate pieces from the mesh. i would suggest making a duplicate of the object ( make sure it is a single user object! ) then remove shapes from that object, then seperate the selection.

jim ww

mh, but how can I delete RVKs if there is no ipo curve assigned to that object? Anyway, I have never worked with RVKs, so I don´t understand how they could suddenly appear?

this is just a guess, based on your error message. it sounds like a shape ( RVK ) has been applied at some point. in the buttons window, under the edit menu should be a tab called shapes. on there is a button which says Add Shape Key, and under that is a menu to select the various shape keys. on the right of the menu is a box with an X, which you can use to delete the selected shape key.

i tested this with a simple box, with a shape applied, and got the same error. i then deleted the shape ( RVK ) and was able to seperate the part from the object.

jim ww

You were right! Thanks a lot!