Error: Unable to Locate component

I keep getting an error saying blender can’t find MSVCR71.dll

I have gotten this error since at least 2.43 on my desktop, but with 2.44 blender refuses to run when the error comes up. This error only has come up with official builds, not the speed optimized ones or patched/cvs. Also, I get this error I my laptop just I just got. Any help?

Second one today. I’ve had that problem with test builds. I just made a copy of the .dll (from Windows/System32) and stuck it in Blender’s home folder.


It’s the official builds that give me the problems for 2.43 and 2.44, but 2.44 refuses to run without it.

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So I just locate the component and throw it into blender? Why doesn’t blender just have it to start with?

Edit: It works! Thankyou for all the help :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem with msvcr71.dll . When you say copy the file in the home folder, how exactly do I do that?
Many thanks in advance.

Find it with Search (think it’s in System32) and then use Windoze Explorer to view it. Select it and go Edit >> Copy To, and you find the folder where Blender.exe lives and put it there.