ERROR: Unable to make runtime: Unable to find runtime

(inka) #1

I’m getting this error if I try to “Save Runtime”. Any ideas? I’m working under Linux. Blenderplayer is in the correct directory.

Thanks, Ingo

(S_W) #2

Is it named correctly?

(inka) #3

I think so. There are two lines, the above contains the directory structure and the one among it, I write the name in. I tried just “test” but also “test.blend”, but can’t believe that the failure lies there.

If I press “WRITE RUNTIME” I get the error. I’m using publisher 2.25 and the licence key seems to be installed correctly.


(Tsalagi Red) #4

Is there a correct file location for BlenderPlayer? Is there a correct naming convention? I didn’t see this info in the documentation. Where can I find it?

(wiseman303) #5

Is there a correct file location for BlenderPlayer?

YES! the BlenderPlayer should be in the exact same dirrectory as BlenderPublisher. If it is, then that’s not the problem. I don’t think there is any naming convention for the files when saving, at least I’ve never run into any problems.

(inka) #6

Hi !

I found the failure. :smiley: I usally put links for my programs under /usr/local/bin . This isn’t the best or blender as well, because blender seems to take this directory as something like the “working directory”. So if it just looks under /usr/local/bin for blenderplayer, it won’t be there.

The problem disappears if you start blender out of the correct directory, in which blenderplayer is located as well.