Error w/ "make all paths relative" // 2.6x -> 2.49b compatibility


Thanks in advance for the replies on the following questions:

  1. Using “make all paths relative”, I have a message (Blender 2.49b):
    "Failed 3, See Text “missing_no_rel.lo.009"”
    Where is this log?
    What does it mean?

The model was imported as 3DS format using absolute paths to texture files.

I was able to manually change absolute paths for image files using Blender 2.62.
I just did this change, save the file and it looks OK in Blender 2.49b.
Now the “make all paths relative” message shows “Failed 2…” instead of “Failed 3…”

Do you think something could be lost?
This brings me to the next question:

  1. If I’m not using 2.6x animation, is there any compatibility risk to use 2.6x to edit the model?

I need to keep my models 2.49b compatible to use bigex export (igs format).

After Viewport changes in 2.62, I just seem to lose the viewport windows arrangement which is transformed into a single 3D window when reopening the file in 2.49b.

At least until Ngons are implemented in Blender (2.63) and used in the model?