Error when I render to RTX, line 1151

Hello :slight_smile:
I have a technical question for you.

The company in which I work has invested in better equipment. It is RTX 2080Ti and Ryzen 7 2700x.

I read that RTX is not currently supported by the program and I have to download the beta version or copy the files to the lib folder. I tested both ways and the render actually starts. However, after some time everything starts to shouting and the tiles start to go crazy and become transparent. In the meantime I get an error: “CUDA Error: Illegal address in cuCtxSynchronize(),line 1151”. Sometimes the numbers are different, e.g. 1372. Beta version 2.79 and 2.80 can switch off for unknown reasons. The problem does not occur only when rendering on the processor. I have the latest drivers for my graphics card and Cuda 10 installed.
Is there any way to render stable on 2.79b or any other version?

If something is not understandable, I’m sorry, the whole thing was translated in the Translator.