Error when saving UV Face Layout

As the topic says, I can’t save m UV Face Layout. I’ve created an object and successfully saved my Layout before, then edited it in Photoshop, and opened it in Blender again. It didn’t look right on the model, however, and I realized that I had never switched (flipped, whatever the term is) my normals out. I did that and did the U-key, LSCM thing again to recalculate the faces. I removed the old image which I had painted, because now, of course, it didn’t match. I pinned it, and went to save the Layout. However, it gave me a message that there was a Python error, and to check the console. The consolse says ‘IndexError: List index out of range’. I was using version 2.37a, but upgraded to 2.4 and had the same issue.

I also searched for this on other forum posts and couldn’t find anything. If there is already something about this and I missed it, ‘oops’.

Any ideas?

'IndexError: List index out of range'

That usually means that nothing is selected, if it is selected that it’s not active or in the correct mode (maybe face mode).


Thanks, I’ll give that a try. It was a simple model, so I just recreated it and it worked that time, but I’d hate to get this message after building something really complex.