error when trying to export to lwo-format

… does anybody else get this error message when trying to export to lwo-format:

warning hex/oct constants > sys.maxint will return positive values in Python 2.4 and up.
ImportError: No Module named warnings

It worked fine with 2.34 and just won’t do it with 2.35. Am I missing something ?

Regards, Shifter.

its saying that it can’t find the warnings module, check that your python path is still set, aswell as you have a full python 2.3 install

don’t worry about the warning its just telling you about code changes in python 2.4


Well … I remember that I did not have to use a full Python install with version 2.34. I think I got that Version with all those script compiled into the final thing. Was really handy – everything worked right out of the box.

Since it does not work with the new version I will install a full python env.