Error when using MakeHead Script.

I know this script has been replaced by the MakeHuman script. But I still find it useful for doing certain things when I do not need and whole character. Recently I downloaded again and tried to run it in blender2.25 and I got this error which I cannot understand.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1306, in bevent
File “”, line 320, in working
AttributeError: BezTriple

The offending line looks like this in the script:

new_point = Blender.Ipo.BezTriple()

Any Ideas?

It was made for Blender 2.14. It should work with 2.23 though, if not, try 2.14


I found a verion of the script that runs in blender 2.25. Here on the elysiun forum.