Error while testing Blender and burning CD

Hi everyone,
I’ve noticed that when I’m burning a CD, I get the following error when I run Blender simulations.

Couldn’t open drive: mciSendCommand() error: The device name is already being used as an alias by this application. Use a unique alias.

It doesn’t actually appear to be affecting anything, the simulation runs normally and the drive burns without issue, but errors are errors for a reason and I’d love to know what that means and how I can fix it (or stop Blender checking something in the drive unnecessarily).

Has anyone come across this before or know anything about it? Any help would be greatly appriciated.


Its probably SDL trying to open your CDRom for the CD actuator. - I doubt anyone uses this (its so 90s), so can probably be removed soon.

Thanks, that would make sense. I don’t use that actuator so I’ll ignore the error =)