Error with 3DS Max when trying to import .fbx files

Hey, guys, I’ve been using Blender for some time now and it’s become my modeling program of choice. However, I have to work between that and 3D Studio Max for my college course.

After tons of research, I found that exporting to .fbx was my best bet when trying to import into 3DS Max. However, I’ve been running into some issues that I can’t figure out. Sometimes, models will import just fine. Other times, they cause the program to crash completely. For example, I was modeling a house which consisted of several parts, and everything but one part would import. That one part would cause the program to crash instantly.

Does anybody know what could cause this to happen? At first, I thought it could be file sizes, because, when exporting each house piece separately, that one part turned out to be the biggest, but then I got the same problem when trying to import a low poly character model. There’s just something that’s causing problems that I can’t quite figure out.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance.

I cannot say for sure since you didn’t tell which version your’re using but there have been fixes for the fbx export lately.
Try using a recent build (revision 32103 or later) and if the problem still exists report a bug with the problematic file attached.

Which version of Blender? That would be 2.49b for Mac OSX.

Sorry about that.

Yesterday I did some fixes to FBX support so try a recent graphicall build of 2.5x also.

If you still have the crash, please report a bug about this and give all info, including versions of software, blend file and fbx.

Its also possible this is a bug in 3DS Max, does this fbx crash any other software?

I actually didn’t think about trying to import it into other software, so I’ll see what happens when I get the chance.

And I just downloaded version 2.54b to see what happens, and every time I choose to export something, all it does is create a new .blend file. Is there any fix for this?