Error with Boolean Operator

This is my first Post, i hope it is on the rigth position in the forum. I worked the last 3 weeks with blender and i think it is great. I wrote a script to create a mesh. I want to generate a hole in that mesh. I generated a cylinder in the position i want but i always get an error with the boolean operator can someone help me? Here is the file: untitled.blend (5.91 MB)

I hope someone can help me

PS: sry for my bad english

Why does the cylinder you are trying to use to cut the hole need to have 69,088 vertices, thousands of which are duplicate vertices.

The cylinder has a cross section made of 32 vertices, therefore the whole cylinder only needs to be made of 64 vertices.

Use a proper cylinder and ensure that the faces are all pointing outwards by recalculating normals (Ctrl+N)

Then the boolean will work

Thanks for your replie,
I use a small cylinder and a curve & array modifier that i can deform the hole in a way i want. I made the cylinder that small because i need them to bee exact along the curve. The solution you gave is working with a few of the cylinders i now have but not with all. The boolean operation does not print an error message, but if i make a union operation i just get the part outside of my body, see pic.

Another problem i have at the moment is that if the boolean operator is working that there are rests of the cylinder now in my body mesh wicht are outside of the mesh what can i do that they aren’t there?

Here is the blender file, i hope someone can help untitled.blend (4.38 MB)

Explain what the blend file is showing me. Explain exactly what you are trying to do and what the problem is. I see no objects with boolean modifiers.

If you want to get rid of those individual vertices just select in edit mode and X to delete

I wrote a script that generates a mesh that fits on the top surface of a body, it’s like a mask. In that mask i want to generate a few hohles. That hohles should have the same distance to the surface and should have the same distance to the next hohle in my mesh. I do that with a beziercurve, an array modifier and the shrinkwrap modifier. My mesh should be 15mm thick and the hohles should be 5mm diameter.