Error with Cycles and Cuda

Hello everyone,
I have made an animation with blender and i render it with cycles and cuda.
This animation is about 250 frames. (It’s just a little test of fluid simulation - i’m a beginner).
However, on some frames (just about 6 frames in fact - frames num 122-161 - 175, etc…) blender crash and pop-up an error n°4 (error from nvidia drivers).
I use the lastest build of nvidia driver and i have tried 2 differents builds of blender (the lastest is the 2.60.5 r42085).
So, i render this “crashings” frames with my CPU instead my GPU but it’s very more longer.
My config:
Windows 7 64 bits
nVidia 280Gtx
core 2 duo 6850
8 Go of ram

Anyone have an idea ?
By advance, thanks.

Might be that you’re running out of video memory for these frames - 1Gb on your card, yes ? Depends on your scene of course. Try smaller amounts, less intense process - see if that helps.

I’ll try it.