Error with Error....

When using setBackgroundColor() it spouts up:

Method setBackgroundColor() is deprecated, please use KX_WorldInfo.background_color instead.

Which sounds about right. The thing is, it should be:


Nothing serious here.

The same was with skipped ticks, but opposite, AFAIR - it outputed use skippedTicks, but it required to use skipped_ticks actually. Or something like that.

I never noticed that change [edit] I see - it is new in 2.75.

As this is not just a name but a structural change I suggest to extend the deprecation message even further telling that KX_WorldInfo can be retrieved from a KX_Scene rather than bge.render.

I wonder why it is called KX_WorldInfo rather than KX_World. “Info” implies it is a read-only thing. But it allows to change the attributes.

Having that attributes at a “World” entity is a good thing as it reflects what we see in Blender. Especially as background colors are scene dependent.

Yes - this new feature allows to make different fog and world effects real time: