Error with Text Property

I’m experimenting with Text properties to try and make simple dialogue for an rpg I’m working on. I have it set up so that when you press space, a Cube will receive the String property of Test. I have a Text object in place to where if the space key is pressed, it will copy the property of the Cube.

However, when I play test it, the Text does receive the Property and show it in game, but it adds “Not Found” after it.
Why does it do this? Is there any way to fix it?

show us a blendfile please?

So im assuming prop is a string property. and you want to assign the literal string: “Test” to it. You need to include quote marks to do that. If you don’t include them, it is instead looking for another property of name Test and is trying to insert it’s value.

Yep, prop is a string property. Thanks, I didn’t know to put it in quotations.