Error with the FTGL lib on blender compilation.

i’m trying to compile blender for windows with scons on the last CVS checkout. But when i compile i go the error lnk1120 regarding the fft font librairy. even if i disable it in the sconstruct it show me another error on a missing fft lib. i tried to download it but the fft lib is already in blender lib module. I’m kinda lost now. Is anyone know the way to fix the fft lib error? other tread on have been useless.

The best solution for these kind of problems is always to log on IRC (same network as #blenderchat), join the #blendercoders channel and ask around. People are always glad to help.

Personnally, I don’t use scons therefore I can’t help you with this particular problem.


aa… j’avous / I admit
merci / thanks.