i downloaded YAFRay and yable…but while running yable i get the following error in the DOS window:

Gzip module not supported!
Blender Version 223
/home/devnull/YFexport directory created
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Yable-0_30_2_py.htm”, line 69, in?
Could not create ROOT directory

i use win98.what could be wrong?

hello kos im not an expert in yafray but I think i can answer this one

turn off the gzip function its a linux only thing i believe
I think you need to use blender 2.25 for yayfray to work
there is a line in the python file you have to change from “/home/devnull/YFexport” to C:\Documents\YFexport (for windows)
that shoul get you going good luck