Errors appearing in uv mapping from window

This is a screenshot of blender when doing a map from window on my model.

The left window is the actual model in face view and the right window is the uv coordinate view. Notice the irregularities that appear.

This was done in 2.32
I have built cvs multiple times lately and it will give you the correct mapping from window if you don’t touch it at all. The problem there is the moment I start scaling it I return to these same jaggy edges. This is making my texture appear wiggily and in general driving me nuts. Any info would be greatly apprecieted[/img]


this has been discussed here before

the next release (download a build from the testing forum on if you are impatient) has an option to disable this

what is happening is that your uv coordinates are being snapped to pixels

the option is under the UVs menu in the window header

Thanks a lot for the quick reply, that did indeed fix it. I am glad its working before I started redoing all my textures or tearing out my hair