Ersibi-newbie superhero (WIP)

Hello !
I’m new o this forum and on working with blender.
Because the best earning method is by doing it I’ve decided to create a character in MakeHuman and then create clothes and accessories for it in Blender .

This character made using MakeHuman and materials from the .

For the clothes I’ve used a car paint material to which I’ve changed the Spec and Ref shader to Toon (with smooth 1)

What you say ?

r her boobs big enuff???..??.. but i like your work

At first i wanted to do something like this :evilgrin:

But she was unable to fly :frowning:

LOL ^^ wow those are some big tits…

Boobs are ok. .but the oddlooking… texture edge there… why not make it straight edge instead of having that “square” missing from it.

Oh by the way I hate to sound pervy watvr but isn’t she a little loose? I would push up those bazoolis and squish em together a little make it look like she has a bra at least. It’s almost like she’s naked man…oh also I could notice a flaw in the rigging around the left shoulder or at least I could tell that it wasn’t exact topography. Or well it didn’t look like a human’s if a human was in that pose.

Oh also hair looks like it was photoshopped in not 3d modeled, for exact it looks like her skin was twisted a little to much at the left shoulder, make her taller or stretch out her abdomen she’s got to short of a belly there and make it a tad bit skinnier.

Oh yeah naval is too prominent make it smaller and stretch up and down more than width. Or here use this as an example.

I couldn’t agree more witth vincimus, You have a problem with your rig of the left shoulder, It looks twisted, and your tits must squeez a bit, I asume that her suit is sort of tight right?
I had exactly the same problem, till some girl made me notice.
Since it are tight, ther must be allmost no gap between them.
Secondly, the group of muscles arroun the sholder flow toghether, not like in an action figure where the arme is cut clean from the rest of the shoulder.
Moving shoulder blade (to pull up the arm), implicates some peck deformation.
So you left tit must be a little higher and have some asiting separated bone to deform the soulder group of muscles to avoid that wird twist.

By the way VINCIUS is that image made in blender?

As i said in the first post the character is made in Makehuman :o (
here is a picture of the interface

And unfortunately the version i use has some missing controls :frowning: (and the breast tunning controls are among them)

And what you see in the above pictures is in fact naked :o : the “clothes” are, at this moment , only material indexes.

lolz oh I thought you rigged it and posed it using blender not make human. Export it just as a model and add bone rigging to it then pose it in blender. Lol you can even adjust the breasts if you put a bone there and assign the vertices. Oh and i’m not sure I was just using google images lol.