Erza Scarlet

This is a model of Erza from Fairy Tail anime.

Rendering: Blender Cycles 2.79

And this I made a solid for this:

Comments and suggestions are always welcome!
I hope you enjoy?!

You can buy the model here:


Many details going on. Like there are many thing in the image that is great. It’s solid modeling and texturing. The only thing that is bland in the environment colors and lightning. It could use more pop.

Playing with strong contrast and color:

this is a really good render. the only thing that is hurting the render is the stiff pose of the character. Her back is really straight which would most likely not be the case if she was in a real fight. I think this could be a crazy good render if the pose would be a little different. maybe look up some Lord of the rings Footage of them fighting and try to copy that into this image :wink:

I agree with Jeroe