Esc : Massive Interactive Installation

Describing this project is difficult. Watching the video doesn’t even usually explain it. Here’s my best shot:

Esc was an attempt to project imagery on to the stairs of my university library so that if you spectated from afar it looked as if it has become a giant movie screen, and if you stood on the steps it looked like you were standing in or on something.

The large escape button that rises out from the steps for each transition, my contributions to the content, and the entire geometry texture-map-projecting process was done in Blender.

I’m not sure what the deal is, but the video is taking forever to load, even with HD off. The project sounds really interesting though. Did you post this on Youtube as well?

On the first floor there are interactive consoles hosting a poll for the
are operated by cables and pulleys driven by massive water-powered pistons.
the tower and further allowed the installation of two emergency staircases.

nice seeing ppl doing interactive installations with blender. I’ve myself done several similar things, hope to show some cut videos soon, since they’re already lying on my disk for 2 months. blender definitely is usefull for new media art :wink:

No… I sort of ignore youtube these days. But that might help boost its views