escape from reality [oz]

hi blenderheaded people,

long time/ no post of me… so here i am again :wink:
ok, it took 4 stressed days to blend, i think it’s done now. after a long time of object renders and landscapes i thought it would be nice to try some character modeling and texturing again, so here’s it.

this man calles himself ‘oz’ which comes from his lumiscent neon tatoo he’s got since his birth. he lived on the street all his life. the only way for him to escape from the sad city reality is to dive into the Virtual Reality with his cheep broken VR- goggles… although he is injured he still searches for shelter in the computer world…



Cool :slight_smile:

Shirt and trousers are very well done.

Coat is less ‘clothy’ expecially right arm and sleves.

Very good human and setting, BTW :slight_smile:


WOW! [a]ndy, I hereby crown thee textureing guru. I really like your scenes.

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen
Funny Farm

Me drools. Seriously, that´s some great CG! What can I say? You´re the king!

i like the mood of the scene as well as the textures.i think you need to work on his ears a bit. :wink:


as I said…you’re a god @ndy! lol joking :stuck_out_tongue: but this is very good :smiley: I like it alot, maybe some work on the arm holding the google, the clothe seem a bit weird. Except that it look awesome!
:Z :Z :Z :Z :Z /5

Looks very good, except for the right arm. It might be a trick of the folds, but it looks like it bends like rubber not an elbow.
Anyway, great work

  1. pofo

I wish my characters turned out that well, I love the mood you created.

what, no glow effects anywhere? wait… wait… there is some on the neckless and ear :slight_smile:

great colors, and textures are very interesting. personal touch… like always. good job.

no crits here.


:o wow :o thats amazing. hard to animate i guess.

Well, we finally chose an image for the next CJ cover :slight_smile:

Excellent work, I really like how the character tells his story by himself. Incredible texturing. By the way, at which studio did you say you worked?

That is very well done. As stated above though.

Coat is less ‘clothy’ expecially right arm and sleves.

I could not agree more. If you spend more time making it better, it would detract the unwanted attention from it. All around excellent.

X-warrior: no maybe @ndy IS a CG god!!! When I finish that temple model I’ll put HIM on the platform… :wink:

That was amazing!!! Modelling, lighting, texturing, EVERYthing!!! :smiley:

only crit, and a small one is the garbage can looks likeit’s made from purple marble, might look better as rusty metal.

wonders how anybody can crit this amazing perfection od computer generated art

i’m…speachless…you are god O_O

simply amazing. Although, as someone said, the right arm looks too much like this C, when it should look more like this <

wheeee… it 's gotten even better since i last saw it :o
Excellent job.
though u cheated a bit with the face where i crited :wink:

cya henrik

Great Andy !! :o :o

awsome stuff…

same here…to long without no art, feeling a bit :expressionless:

I like those cracks on the edge of the wall behind Oz. And the dirt around the ventilator is very good too. Clothes need some improvements (especialy the collar and sleeves – they look flat), but i think, it’s a fine challenge for you :wink:
Anyway: great work [!]

thats what i call bad luck: my schools proxy doesnt let me in…SHIT!