Escape From Satellite Seven

This is just part of an idea I’ve been kicking around lately…
C & C’s welcome…:yes:

Hope you like it…

NO FLAMING, my asbestos undies are in the wash…:eyebrowlift2:

P.S. I also call this “Honey, Your mothers here… and she wants to move in…”


is that a render? its pretty good if its not

Yes, its a render, done with 5+ lamps and radiosity…

I suggest you start a thread in work in progress…if your just kicking the idea around it would fit in better there. I really like what you have and I think with everyone’s help it could be really good. I think you can make this really good with some time and patience.


I know TC, however this particular piece is finished, and I’ve decided it isn’t going to be part of the Project…:no:

Thanks for your input…:yes: