Escape from the world

Thanks Bernardo, glad you like it.
Regarding the waves, at first i created the mesh for the ocean and used a displacement modifier to get the moving waves. I used video footage of an aerial view of the ocean as texture for tHe displacement. It already had a nice rolling wave effect, but the transition to the beach did not look good, so i added another mesh between water and beach mesh to add a surf. It uses a shrinkwap modifier to make it move along with waves from the water mesh. I used another video clip of a shoreline as color texture for this and also as the input for the alpha. I tweaked the alpha until i only had the white foam visible and ended up with a surf sitting on top of the water waves mesh. Also had the to make the video clips for the textures loopable, so you that there is no visible cut when the footage starts again.
Hope this makes sense :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the explaination, very interesting! I was hoping you had some magic shader tree for the foam :smiley: but the video is a really smart solution and it works perfectly! Great work!

super clever solution!! I like it!!! I thought you did a full on water sim. Very cool!!

How did you get the caustics? Is that also a video you projected?

Thank you🙂 Sadly you don‘t get real caustics in eevee, so i used a procedual texture. These are the nodes that served as a starting point

Then some tweaking till it looked right.

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Really nice !

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