Escape Pod

Only my second blender piece.
C&C appreciated.

It might be a bit dark, I’m not sure, as the monitor I made it on has the contrast and brightness high for playing games, maybe I should reset to default before using blender.

While I’m submitting, I had a couple of quick questions for the expert blender users here:

  1. How do you make the world background transparent? (so you can later add background details in gimp)
  2. How do you get proper drop shadows? I get light and dark shading on the objects themselves, but they don’t seem to cast shadows on the ground.

If you want to render with no background ( I think that’s what you’re asking ) , In render buttons, set to ‘premul’, and ‘RGBA’, and set file type to TGA or PNG. That will give you your object, but with an alpha channel as background. To get shadows, use spot lamps, and be sure you have ‘shadow’ clicked in lamp buttons and render buttons. Nice render, it reminds me of the escape pod from the rebel cruiser in the original movie ‘Star Wars’.

Thanks for that. I always save as tga anyway. I tried the spotlamps, and got some nice shadows, but they went sort of fuzzy. The sampling was on 16. Also, I’m guessing you just put the spotlamp far away, and reduce the angle, so the beams are almost parallel? Otherwise you’d get different angles of shadow.

Oh, and the reason it looks sort of similar to the escape pod in starwars is because that’s what I based it roughly on, lol. I have a book full of starwars vehicles and spacecraft, and for each one it’s got a 3D picture, as well as a front and side blueprint, very useful. For the complex models (this wasn’t that hard) I take pictures of the blueprints with my digital camera, and make it as a background image in blender to help me get the proportions right.