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Next one in the sequence - “Time to run”.


next one, “The Chase”


Wow! Very impressive. How did you achieve this “painterly Photoshop” - look? It looks like something Blender would not really be able to achieve. Could you share some insights? I am intrigued <3

Awesome ! Nice framing, nice colors nice style !
I’m also quite curious about how your scenes looks like ! And I’m looking forward new stuff from you !

Wow… really liking the style. Very cool ilustratorly take on low-poly that I super like - and also very nice to see your makings of - particularly the rotation of the scene on

Now I want to see it animated!

Technically, it’s oh so very simple really. I’ll try to take some screenshots which may shed some light - but in short:

  • The real trick is focusing on shapes, silhouettes, depth, and composition, not the details. Not even the lighting, as this is bit limited (due to the way shaders are built)
  • Characters and hero props are reaalllyyy decimated in zbrush
  • The textures are very simple flat colors, maybe subtle gradients
  • The Voronoi texture. This is magic, and works great to add the polygonal/angular detail that stays sharp. Road surface, etc.
  • There’s a bit tricky shader based on Shader to RGB node for this hard shading
  • There’s some Volumetric Fog in there
  • There’s a million transparent planes, with gradient multiplied by Voronoi again, to create atmosphere. Some Alpha blended, some Additive
  • The models are often faked, stretched, exagerrated to get the dynamic feel without resorting to motionblur. I mean, I could, but I don’t think the ‘softness’ of real motionblur fits the style.

I like the ‘Painterly Photoshop’ term you used - that’s how it feels to work on those. That’s EEVEE, I can see it as it will finally look, and just move things around, work with silhouettes by moving those transparencies - it’s how I would work in 2d/photoshop during the comp/post phase. Now I’m doing it in 3d and it’s awesome.

Those animated GIFs are just an afterthought at the moment - but since they are so easy and quick to do (thanks EEVEE), why not? To be honest, I’m bit surprised this works so well with camera moves…


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

great work

a może by tak do tego używać grease pencil’a? efekty z nim są super.

Thanks @bartv! Thats awesome :slight_smile:
@KRUChY : Thanks. It is eevee. Shader to rgb node is eevee only, and that’s what I use for hard shading. Also, there is some grease pencil in there, but not much. Splatters, motion lines, etc.

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I’m honestly impressed! Bravo!

…And another one :slight_smile:

And here’s a screenshot of the material setup:

And the gif, of course:


that looks fantastic

You’re #featured! :+1:

This is excellent. Can you tell us more about how you set up all the planes?

Very nice composition and use of color. You should do a tutorial series and sell it in Gumroad.

I’d buy it in a minute!

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damn those look epic, the stills are really cool, but the videos where the 3-dimentionness becomes visible are on another level

Whoa, great stuff!!!

I’ve never “liked” so many posts before! :smiley:
This smells so much like what Shadowrun should have looked like in my imagination. Thank you for taking the helm so powerfully on such a visual concept. Your gif presentations are like pop-up book excitement!

Having Childhood Speed racer flashbacks. Love the colors too.

Holy shot!!! Where is the full animation… what a COOL style man, love it!
I love those small anims on your artstation. Sort of GIF to the next level. Really stunning style.