the blend

a little mood scene I did. It started out as me trying to get some caustic light effects without yafray. To optimize the render time, I didn’t use any shadow lamps - all the shadows are actually from negative lamps ;]

When you look at a picture from inside a room, the outside view is usually washed out because the light was metered to the inside of the room.
So your window doesn’t look natural because it should be white.
And your volumetrics consists of only a reflection on the floor.
that’s not very natural either.
If you look at the same picture I referred to above the light coming from the window shows small bits of dust inside the light.
Therefore the volumetrics should look like there’s a vague glow coming from the window headed towards the reflection on your floor.

That’s the only part I’d change because I like the rest of the picture with the little lighting reflection on the wall.

I don’t have a problem with such unrealistic lighting. In fact it probably wouldn’t communicate the message as well if it was an overexposed white blob you’re suggesting, vliegtuig.

The way it is kinda makes it clear you’re missing quite some fun sitting in a cellar behind your kernel recompiles :wink:

I’m liking the mood of this. Thumbs up.

here’s a small update with some of the issues addressed:


I like the style of this one. I agree with jimmac in that if you wash out the outside too much, the message will be lost.

dude, dont listen to vliegtuig, the first one was awesome. i loved the contrast you had there.the goal of 3D isn’t always to get a photrealistic render :/. Its about expressing yourself, dont let anything get in the way of that. your first image spoke to me, that is seriously one of the best works of art i have seen in a while. your window in the second one looks too washed out IMO.

i didnt mean to bash you vliegtuig :slight_smile:

definetely the first one!

I like the style.


thanks guys

well now we have both versions so ppl can just view the one that they like :]


I actually like the first image better – the richness in color from the landscape in the window really adds a wonderful dimension to the scene (adding the glow in the second version removes this surrealistic impact and dilutes the scene, IMHO). Very Dali-esque. Love it!! Painterly, surreal, and original. Nice work.

Definitely don’t listen to Frig.
He wants to build a base on the moon!