Escape! by -nw-, on Flickr

Made this about a month ago, though I might share it here.

Made as an entry for the College Herald, with the theme ‘Parental Control’ (The image didn’t get published in the paper :frowning: - oh well, I had fun making it!)
Worked on it an hour or two a day, over a couple of days.

The general idea behind the image is that although parents may try to place restictions on what their children do, kids will continue to escape these rules if they want something badly enough.


very nice scene, so well executed and good concept behind it :slight_smile:
It’s a pity it wasn’t published on the journal, maybe the next!

Looks realy cool! :slight_smile:

Good idea and nice concept. 5*

Very nice image. I like the concept and the execution.

that’s brilliant. :smiley:
no crits.

Thanks for comments!