My new movie made with Blender. Let me know, what you think about it.

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It’s fun, the robot make me think of wall-E.

Must have taken some weeks or month! Great work, it’s fun.
By the way I think the scooby gang is looking for their Van :wink:

Yeah, I saw the Mystery Machine Van too. I’m actually interested in the production process. What were your frames per second and what was the node setup to make the animation move so fluid? Also, what was your render engine of choice? Blender Internal or Cycles?

Thanks for comments!

I used 30 fps and motion blur. To make motion more smooth I had to tilt characters when they braking, accelerating or turning.
Engine was Cycles - it gives nice light. But very slowly compute fire and smoke. One frame with explosion needed (average) 30 minutes :frowning: It is very long for 1280x720 and 200 samples. Other frames needed 40 second to 5 minutes.

i felt like the good old times when the coyote tries to catch the roadrunner. meep! meep!

One more question. Did you use a node for the motion blur or did you use the Sampled Motion blur? What were the settings on that?

I used default options. See screenshot

I had problems with motion blur and particles, when emmiter was parented to other object. Look at rendered images, there are soft “lines of light” that appears on place, where particles starts.

I left it because had no time to render again, but it is easy to avoid. Just select the emmiter in 3dviewport and go to Object/ Animation /Bake action (with selected Visual keying).


Fascinating! Thanks for the answers.

i like it. nicely done animation

Yeah, it is interesting, and the robot do like Wall-E, haha