Escaping into Illustrated 3D Artworlds in VR!

I recently jumped into my own hand-drawn 3D Artworlds through VR!
As Virtual Reality become more accessible, the way in which audiences can engage and interact with our art and stories is opening up endless possibilities for storytellers.

Metropolis Colossus

VR Fly-though Video:
Source: Marc-O-Matic

This stylised effect was achieved by using my ink illustrations on paper through scanning and modularising them into 2k texture atlases. All textures are using a simple shader with a fresnel rim effect applied. I find using this analogue style is also great for creating AR content too to help digital content connect with our physical space.

I’ve been happy with the progress of this. If there’s interest in this approach I’d be happy to create workflow videos.


Wow! :smiley: What a lovely style you have here! I enjoy it very much!
I too am working on a VR experience, so I agree with you, now feels that is the time for VR.

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Cheers @rogper. Glad you like it.
Looking forward to seeing your experience!

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