Escaping of The Iron Giant

Hello everybody! It’s have been time ago without share any artwork in Blender with you so…here I’m again. I did this piece based in the movie The Iron Giant . Who don’t have a really good memories about this movie ? Just brilliant!

Hope you like it guys! Sincerely, Gerard Pasqual


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Nice stuffs here. Except the giant posing . It seems that he gonna fall. Try to invert the arms and put the hips x position more over the planted foot.

Thank you Bart! It’s a honor

You’re #featured! :tada:

He actually pretty much nailed it if he was trying to stay true to the original. Right now he is in war machine mode which he becomes very stiff with very heavy robotic movements. Very thumpy like a toy robot which sorta has to fall into the next step. Watch this at minute mark 2:16

The iron giant doesnt have rotating socket hips, it has hinges so throughout the movie you see mostly linear hip movement. When he is in normal mode he rotates at the shoulders and pelvis and throws his weight to stay upright but when he is in war machine mode he just sorta falls from one step to the next.

I think from an aesthetic POV maybe you could get away with some better weight transfer and in general I think it is great advice to anyone but based on the sound of his goal, it sounds like he was trying to stay true to the elements that mad the movie look and feel kinda fumbly the way it did.

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A story told in an single frame - nice one!

Awesome work!!!

Love it, love that movie too

I’m trying to get into 3d modeling and the art world in general. What did you use to make this? Also, do you have any tips?

It is so cool how the focus changes the story being told to such a huge degree.

Oh, yeah! very nice. :joy: