Escher: Cubic spacefilling

i wanted to create a italian town and for some insperation i grabbed an escher book (he made some loveley drawnings of little vilages). then i saw a drawning called “kubische ruimtevulling” (cubic spacefilling). it looked easy to make in 3d and making the model was simple indeed.

but then came the camera angles. so the picture i made doesnt look like the real one but it just has the feeling.

im typing to much

here is the image:

and the link to the big picture:

i hope you like it.

its too dark, and needs a better material, maybe a cool stone, but it is okay.

well, in the picture of escher the cubes fade out when they are further away. i dont have an idea how i should reproduce that. ill do a google search to find a digital reference picture.


maybe, see the reference picture:

new render with white background and lines:

big image:

good news. i found the mist button. im still trying to find out how it works.

mist render:

Escher was a genius. He would have loved blender, and probably computers in general. This is beginning to look really good, but I think it needs textures.

yes, ill see if i can make the draw effect.

Looking at your reference pic, I would say you need to zoom your camera out or move it further away from the scene. Escher’s scene looks simple and clean. Yours looks somewhat crowded.

Other than that, your render looks great!

kool :stuck_out_tongue:

Great idea 8) A simple but interesting image!
Have you already experimented with the “focal length” setting in the camera’s edit buttons? That will change how much it “sees”
Great use of mist and lines… It’d be cool if you could set the toon outlines to be white as they are in the drawing, but I__'m not sure that’s possible… if not, there is a way to fake it.
Awesome job, keep going :slight_smile:

well, there are sliders to change the toon line color but they dont seem to work.

found it:

bigger version:



thank you.

moved some sliders:

bigger version:

ok, what do you think? should i rebuild the scene to make the image exactly like the one Escher made or should i just leave it?

How about some grain?

Ambient Acclusion

If you do try this set samples to something like 4
to start with.

Looks really good now. :slight_smile: