Escher relativity

Hello, as I like escher drawings, I made a version where I mix some stuff.

Done in blender and substance painter.

More views here:



(et y’a un marsupilami ?)

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I’ve tried to do this one a couple times, but could never get the angles correct. Nicely done.

Master recreation of a genious. Congrats.

@warnotte: thanks, yes it’s him

@ Mark06GT: thanks, to match the perspective i use fspy:
(i remenber your awesome work on the uboat )

@dogdayfear: thank you


I have to say that the robot in the foreground is a copy that i see on youtube, i don’t remenber the name of the owner.
Here is his version:

And he was inspired by this drawing:

I like this design so if someone know his name ?

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Cool thank you Bart !

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

neat one there

A masterpiece!

Very nice! I Might be interesting animating the guys having to constantly adapt to different orientations …

Absolutely neat. Characters are awesome, too!

Haha, very nice! I love it! :slight_smile:

I did the something similar for a game called Farmerama. :slight_smile:

I remember the tricky part was getting the camera right. I was surprised how accurate the perspective is in this piece. Nothing that needed to be faked or cheated…

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This is awesome! Perspectives work flawlessly and I love the colours!

This is extraordinary… Great work! Have you ever loaded it into a. 3d platform to walk around in it? How would you do Nav mesh? That. would be wild! we should try to load it into NOWHERE to test it out! DM me if interested.

That a good question for Nav mesh, i’d like to know too ^^

Escher gets credit for originality, but yours is funnier! :laughing:

Nice work too! Beautiful! :+1:

insanely good work!

@DSZ_arts ,@Ali.Daood, @kabu , @spicy_studios ,@MxD, @homiegmomma : thanks for your comments,

@motimo : I would like to do an animation like this but I don’t have the knowledge

@NilsHenningDeitmers : thank you, your version is clean, escher was strong to imagine all this, I had trouble connecting some party but his drawing is good, everything can be made in lego

@jomojomo : is navmesh done for walk in the scene ? here is the link with the mesh of the walls and the camera if you want to do something: