Escher style

I know it needs some work in areas. I need to shorten the fingernails. Maybe I’ll put clothes on him someday. Also I want to give it that pencil shaded look like the original, but haven’t had much success with using radiosity. Any comments?

pencil shading? gimp


very good!
I saw the last picture of Escher in the off topic chat.

need work at the arm.

Looks very escher like, good job so far

that looks very good.
i was planning on doing somehting like that too but i could not find a reference picture.

Do an image search in google for “escher”. You’ll get plenty of reference images.

but i just had a terrible vision of M.C Escher sketching himself completey naked in his chrome ball…

Still, this image is comeing along really well. I like it a lot.

I rather like it, but something definitely needs to be done about the reflection of the arm. It just looks really odd.

dude… I love all of m.c. escher’s work… He’s awesome. I also like salvadore dali. Anyways…looks great! um… I forget though, in that picture is the guy holding the ball supposed to be naked? (I’m not exactly partial to old naked guys…) Anyways… keep it up!