Escher's Relativity. (Updated July 20th)

This is still very heavily a work in progress, but I have the very general model nearly done. I obviously have quite a bit more work to do - folks walking around, real lighting, the courtyard, adding arches, railings, doors, arching the…arches, etc, but here is the rough outline of it:

Old image removed. Here is the new one!

:smiley: I like it ! It ’ s simple but complicate too :slight_smile:

Are you going to put color and textures?

Textures, yes, but I’m still debating color. Escher himself did not use color, but textures I am planning on using. We’ll see. I might use color to get the right tones and then grayscale it in Photoshop.

Just a update. I’m getting along on the details. I recognize that this isn’t at a place where huge comments can be made, but I wanted to show how this is coming along in case I make any glaring mistakes along the way. Thanks folks.

Image removed to speed load time

nice, got a great idea with this image. Would be cool if you moved a camera trough it, could get some intresting results i think.

yea that would be cool! nice modeling.

the proportions of your render look way off, for instance the balkony at the top is way too wide.

also could use some bevelling… nice start though


Just another clay render, but I think it is coming along nicely. Thanks for the crits - I resized the upper balcony/staircase.

Image removed to speed load time

Very cooool, still got lotsa detail to add but love the way it looks so far. Maybe slim up the door thats in the center faced sideways, but thats all I can crit.

Very good!

And what about the people?Are you going to put them?

The people will be the last thing, I imagine. Right now I’m putting in railings and other small details - new render soon. I think I’ll just make a low-poly model and armature it to get the people to work, and duplicate them all over the place.

Update! Alright, I think the detail modelling is nearly complete. I need to do tables, vases, people, trees, etc, but the building itself is feeling pretty complete, though I assume I, or one of you, will find something. Anyhow. Just another clay render. Here it is:

The 2 arches in the upper left corner are wrong.
Move the camera down a little bit.

The door with the 7 bricks at the bottom of the picture is too small
and too far away from the stairs.

There are a few other major details missing in your picture.
I’m sure you can figure them out on your own. :slight_smile:

Keep working on it.
Looks good so far! :slight_smile:

Incorrect stuff is great to know about. Missing I assume I’ll find. Ugh, those two arches are giving me hell. Actually, all of the arches are. I don’t want to subsurf the whole thing and thus have to go through and cut edge loops all over the place, but I also am getting a lot of problems with round stuff - arches within the main building structure. So…any suggestions? Some things are separated from the main structure, like the arch in the middle of the scene, but the edges are visible - which does not make me happy. How to do it?! Anything, folks?