Escort Cosworth WIP

Hi there. I’m new to these forums, and Blender, but not entirely to 3d modeling.

I’ve only been using Blender since November when I installed Ubuntu on my machine, but I have used other tools in the past when I used Windows ( Zanoza z-modeler and 3DSMax ).

I started to model a Ford Escort Cosworth, and am not sure of the best way to progress from where I am.

I initially made my model the way I am comfortable with - I created the mesh then detached faces ( using the “Y” key ) to create creases and hard edges. This was a work around in z-modeler for a lack of smoothing groups, and since Blender doesn’t have smoothing groups either I just used the same technique.

This gives me an ok looking low poly mesh, but I thought I might give sub-surf a go as so many people get nice results from it. So I removed all the double vertices and started with sub surf.

My main body mesh was 1738 faces and 2852 verts.

After removing doubles it is 1738 faces and 1802 verts.

I applied a sub surf and ended up with 109518 faces, BUT I think my 1738 looked better?

Renders attached 220107_edgesplit is the 1738 face version and 22017_subsurf is the subsurf version (don’t worry about the wheels, they are just temporary).

Ultimately I’d like to put the mesh into racer or vdrift, but also have a “pretty” one for renders too. That was why I wanted to play with subsurf.

Should I branch the project into two if that is what I want to achieve?

I’ve paused at this time as I have the basic shape that I want, but now need to optimise the structure of the mesh and I don’t know whether to optimise for the subsurf or the hard edges.

Any advice or C&C welcome.



I think it would be good to branch into two, because it obviously doesn’t matter so much if you have tons of verts if your just going to render.

But it does if your going to put it in a game (why am i saying all this, i’m sure you know already) I guess my point is, yes you should probably branch in to two projects.

But that is just my humble opinion.

It would be handy to render bake the shading from a high poly count sub surfed model and use those textures on the the low poly model. Maybe I need to look into the sub surf function more…