Eseapner fps (WiP, 3 levels)

Very dark demo of the dark shooter.

Download UPDATE v 0.1 (EXE): here 9.1 Mb
(blend zip): 6.99 Mb

Download OLD ( EXE): here 4 Mb

New Ed scr:


pretty cool, I hope you can finish soon, I would like to play. by the way there aren’t any people yet right?

Lol, “sex pisdols”. Very cool game though, keep it up!

Ace24 and Jazz : thank, but yes, i get finished game. Is very hard!


Wow, that was a great atmosphere you created.

Keep up the good work, I’d love to see this thing finished

Best off game, sorry pacman, but you has been lamer. Drink a poison, noob!

If there’s crude content in it there should be a warning.

Refresher: You just registered so you don’t know much about the members.

Wow, very nice. the mist adds a lot to it.

This looks pretty good!

Nice game so far…how did you add the mist?

that a rasterizer command check it out

hey pacman can you add some blends? i have a mac

[To all] - some thanks :S

can you add some blends? i have a mac

Ok, few later.