Eseapner - survival horror

Eseapner is an survival-horror game made on blender engine. We tried to transform classic horror
gameplay into first-person game with highly detailed interiors, textures and lighting.
This game is result of many years of developing.

This game is 100% completed and available on:

Not much can be learned about the game from this video, but I like its atmosphere.

looks interesting! Reminds me of cry of fear.

This is actually a very good game for this theme. Most survival/horror games are very dark and not fun to play but from what I saw in the trailer, this game is very well made.:eyebrowlift:

Lol dark Gaming , i can’t believe how many people are using blender to make Horrors , Fps Games okay so far theres no Freeroam open world game that i know has been made on the bge.(im talking well made optimized and polished very well)

Otherwise nice game bro Great work i like it

Goodluck with this project !!!


Links updated, have fun.

Also gameplay part:

Also smartest gameplay part:

About this game. Since 2006 year, great progress! Look the screens of current edition.



Some animals:

and other:

This is looking really good but I have some critiques: The footsteps in the beginning sounded too quick and uniform. If they had some variation and were a little slower that would sound better. The lighting in some areas looks too harsh and flat. Other than that, this is definitely something that I would want to play.

Do I hear moaning at 2:45 in the video?

Thanks u :* We re be better.

Thanks guys. Now you re can get it on steam (see top)

$12 is a bit much. Do you have a demo to play?

Ok. Demo for 64bit win os

Thanks so much. The game is absolutely amazing. Maybe not worth $12 but definitely at least $7. I loved how you could interact with so many things and turn them on and off. That was a good bonus.

Here are some suggestions:

-set full screen resolution by default because I had to play at the lowest resolution before I realized there were settings.
-make the bath/window curtains soft bodies
-make the punching bag have a rigid body join so it can move when the player walks into it
-have the player be able to interact with all objects like baskets, boxes, &c. by clicking on them and being able to move them around the room (not go into inventory)
-have a few more jump-scares other than the zombie lady
-have some sort of health bar so that the player can actually know what happens when the zombie attacks.
-make the effect of being hurt stronger
-when I enabled noise in the settings, the amount of noise was unbearable. you should definitely tone it down.
-You spelled dynamic as dinamic in the hdr setting
-I don’t think there should be a brightness setting. That just makes it less scary when the brightness is up.
-The vertical mouselook limits should be slightly more.
-I think you should get rid of the"none" inventory item
-When I clicked quit and I could choose either X or >, there was no message in the empty space in the box.

I did not play through the entire game because I got stuck. Maybe that’s because it was a demo but this game is by far one of the best, if not best game I have seen made in the BGE.

Maybe I will make a video of this game to boost your sales.

молодец :smiley: