eSnap - Match the location, rotation and scale of two objects

On Blender is no way to Snap two objects! And this addon fix that!

Install the addon, and you will find the eSnap option on the Object->Snap menu, or you can use the shortcut " Ctrl+Cmd+S ".

You need to select first the object you need to move, and second the target object.

The location, rotation and scale of the object will be modified to match the target.

If you select the other way around don’t worry! You can invert the eSnap behavior using the Invert option.

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Is it possible to have a one off buy option on gumroad or blender market? I would like this addon but I don’t want to have to subscribe for just one script.

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Is this different from copy attributes?

Hi @someguyihate Even better, you can subscribe, download all the addons currently available and the unsubscribe. You will be paying only $5 (Disclaimer: I’m new on Patreon and I don’t fully understand how the payment schedule works just yet)

Take into account however that you will loose access to future updates.

Hi @Andrew_Ray, copying attributes only works if the target is an object and is not linked or constrained to anything.

As you can see in the image this addon works when the target’s position is modified by a parent, constraint or when the target is a bone.

Thank you for taking the time to explaining to me.
As I’m curious about this type of setups, I’m doing some tests. At the moment I’m still able to use the copy attributes add-on even with parented and linked objects by simply doing CTRL+C
As for the bones from what I can see it’s indeed a different story.

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