i’m sorry but i don’t know the english word…i suppore you can guess the meaning somehow.

No pic showing %|

the pic shows fine for me bellorum,he is using kino3d forum for the pic :slight_smile:

very nice concept bullx,i like it.

And obviously it doesn’t work that well, which was why I suggested him to use imageshack :wink:


kino3d usally works greatly, so i hope you can see the image now.

ahh i see the english tranzlation is mech worrior or just mech

good work i can see your going for a toonish look are the shaders on toon?

i’ve ativated the edge yust tho have a better look of edges just because i’m using creases for the very first time, and i’ ve to understand how they work.

i could give toon style a try…



Cool style. Interesting concept. I think the word you are searching for is “exoskeleton” as in “skeleton outside”. Am I correct? Looking forward to see where you take this.

thank you my friends, i’m going to do legs again because i’m not very happy with these.

Yes ofcourse, it’s an exoskeleton…like Bussman said…an outside armor :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks very promising

thank you
little update

now thats sweet. but it ould look kind of odd seeing a mech running towards you with legs dangling out of its chest… good work i love it :smiley:

Really good design. Maybe we’re not so far from see it on real life, tough. I agree with frig, the legs hanging are wierd.

thank everybody for C&C, I don’ t agree with the legs point, here is the reason:

i agree that legs outside is not usual in “traditional” scifi concepts, but i’ve started this mech as a work one (not a battle mech) trying to keep the concept as something possible in our world.

the whole design has been made around the sticky man, according to it’s position and i really like that legs are outside and that you can keep the upper part open.

in my mind this is the strongest point of the concept.

little update on arms, i’m planning to do the upper part of the legs again because them are too thin.

i’m going on…

That definitely looks better, I understand it now. It looks kind of hi-tech industrial thing. Good modelling.

thank you very much.